Belmont Harbor Neighbors (BHN)

Belmont Harbor Neighbors (BHN) is an associated member of the Lake View Citizens' Council.
BHN represents the geographical area from the south side of Addison Street to the north-side of Belmont Avenue, from east-side of Halsted Street to the lakefront. BHN provides a public forum for issues that affect the quality of life within the BHN area. Some of these quality of life issues include
re-zoning reviews and approvals, festival and event consultations, updates from the 44th and 46th ward offices, and communications with the 19th police district, Lake View East Chamber of Commerce, and the local press.

The BHN board consists of both residential and business/institutional members. As of the 2013 elections, the board has eleven residential and one institutional member.
We constantly try to encourage homeowners, condo management board members, renters, business owners, and block clubs to join and participate in our meetings at the 19th police station community room located at 850 West Addison Street.

Interested parties can visit our website for general information about us, our newsletter for next pubic meeting agenda and post meeting minutes, and our Facebook page for meeting notifications and any other news worthy communications that may affect anyone within BHN and the neighborhood of Lake View.
We are all about inclusion and diversity!

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